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In late 2013, right in the heart of Texas, Carlos Zárate had the idea of creating a community of individuals fully committed to share and spread the love for arts & electronic music. Lucky Carlos crossed paths with same-minded people who also share his ideals and permanent friendships began. Thanks to Matteo Thomas who in that time was the manager of the Loft 718 bar, first parties were happening and it didn’t take long to catch the eye of the Austin people who appreciate house music.

After building a supportive crowd of friends and house music lovers, their residency called MÜV was a successful monthly party, and it was elevating the electronic music scene of Austin to another level. Figuring out the huge impact these Mexicans can accomplish, they continued organizing events in different spots/bars and getting invitations to play in the most finest house music clubs/bars in town.


Movement Collective crew aspired to keep evolving their sound and Carlos & Moses decided to move to Berlin, Germany. In Berlin they met very talented individuals from all around the globe and naturally some became part of the MC crew. Leaving Austin behind with Robert Roman now in charge, “Moy” and “El Zárate” are establishing now in the capital city of electronic music.

Studying Electronic Music Performance and representing Movement Collective wherever they go, these Mexicans’ ideal of spreading the love of house and techno music in both sides of the world is now happening.


Movement Collective Music GmbH will gather the best intercultural talent and become an international organization spreading the love of music through memorable events and performances.

MCM will also focus in music promotion & distribution, evenly concentrating with equipment rental services for music production & live performance.